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Starting wage: $16.50 to $18.36 for general and skilled laborers.

Benefits That Matter

We appreciate the role our employees play to help the company grow, and in return benefits, retirement savings and other work/life balance programs are offered to recognize the importance of our employee’s contributions.


Common Purpose

Arvig recognizes the worth and dignity of every individual and strive to treat everyone with respect. We believe differences in people are a strength when they are focused on a common goal.


True Family

Caring for people is the foundation of Arvig. Being a caring employer means being close to employees, taking care of one another to ensure your quality of life at work and allowing you to take the driving seat in your career development.



At Arvig, we understand the ongoing balancing act between work life and home life. We understand that a child’s soccer practice is as valuable as a conference call, that a birthday comes once a year, and that when the work day ends, your life begins. For this reason, Arvig offers the a family-friendly working environment.

Love Where You Work

Arvig’s success is built with passionate employees and a collaborative spirit. We’re looking for positive individuals who want to help us improve and succeed.

"I have worked other places and can tell you what's different here is we are united in some special way. We treat each other with respect and love. And we have become a family. People say business is just business but this is not at all 'just' business for me. It is a very important part of my life."

"Because I have the ability to do everything I ever wanted in a career at such a young age, and get the opportunity to grow that dream even larger."

"It provides me the opportunity to utilize the skills that have made me successful my entire professional life. In addition, it provides me the flexibility to be the type of husband and father I need to be."

"Work/life balance is important to me. My job gives me that flexibility."