Arvig’s Construction Division

More than 70 years ago, our founders built the telephone network. Today, we’re still making history by leading the way to bring high-speed internet to all corners of rural Minnesota and into the metro areas.

Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned worker, Arvig has a construction opportunity for you. We seek hard-working, talented individuals to join our team. Together, we’re embarking on a 10-year construction project to build a strong future for you and the state of Minnesota.

What we offer:

• Competitive pay with potential for overtime

• Multiple pay increases in the first year

• Advancement opportunities

• Attractive benefits package

• Positive workplace culture

• Safe working conditions


Open Construction Positions

General Laborer – Perham Application
Heavy Equipment Operator – Perham Application
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Other Employee Advantages

Paid Expenses

When our construction team travels to various locations throughout Minnesota, we take care of your hotel stay (we even book it for you!), provide company vehicles to use as transportation, and give you a per diem for meals.

CDL Training

Interested in getting your CDL? We hold training classes for our employees, provide a company vehicle to take the test, and reimburse you for the test costs if you pass. Plus, new CDL holders get a bonus!

Off-Season Coverage

If you’re a seasonal employee, during the off-season, there’s no need to worry about COBRA coverage—as long you continue to pay your portion of the benefits, we’ll pay ours to keep you covered.

Love Where You Work

Arvig’s success is built with passionate employees and a collaborative spirit. We’re looking for positive individuals who want to help us improve and succeed.

"I have worked other places and can tell you what's different here is we are united in some special way. We treat each other with respect and love. And we have become a family. People say business is just business but this is not at all 'just' business for me. It is a very important part of my life."

"Because I have the ability to do everything I ever wanted in a career at such a young age, and get the opportunity to grow that dream even larger."

"It provides me the opportunity to utilize the skills that have made me successful my entire professional life. In addition, it provides me the flexibility to be the type of husband and father I need to be."

"Work/life balance is important to me. My job gives me that flexibility."