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Our current job listings linked below represent available job opportunities throughout the upper Midwest for the following Arvig family companies: Arvig, Time Communications, and All State Communications. We invite you to explore our career opportunities and see how your talent and aspirations might fit within the Arvig family of companies.

Current Job Openings

Broadband is at the core of everything you will do for Arvig, including high-speed internet, ethernet, Managed Voice-VoIP and Hosted PBX, and Television, including IPTV.

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We partner with both large and small businesses in a wide variety of industries to provide quality customer support, live telephone messaging, answering services, and order-taking around the clock, 365 days a year.

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Our customers depend on the delivery of information — data, voice and building management systems — every day. From the cable that transmits an alarm signal to the network that supports entire businesses, as an All State Communications employee you will be part of a team responsible for a cabling solution that is efficient, safe and cost-effective.

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Love Where You Work

Arvig’s success is built with passionate employees and a collaborative spirit. We’re looking for positive individuals who want to help us improve and succeed.

"I have worked other places and can tell you what's different here is we are united in some special way. We treat each other with respect and love. And we have become a family. People say business is just business but this is not at all 'just' business for me. It is a very important part of my life."

"Because I have the ability to do everything I ever wanted in a career at such a young age, and get the opportunity to grow that dream even larger."

"It provides me the opportunity to utilize the skills that have made me successful my entire professional life. In addition, it provides me the flexibility to be the type of husband and father I need to be."

"Work/life balance is important to me. My job gives me that flexibility."